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The Chopper Challenge

My friend Chopper of Cars! Cars! Cars! sent me an email challenging me to join in updating my blog everyday this year. The 365-posts-a-year thing, intimidated me, but then I realized that I can make my own rules.

So, Chopper, I accept your challenge, but I’ve decided on what seems like a more realistic schedule for me. I’ll try to post every work day: that is, Monday through Friday, not counting vacation days, holidays and sick days. Hopefully, having a blogging buddy will help me stick to the schedule.

Update: Okay, so this is just embarrassing now since I so clearly have not updated my blog in, like, forever. I think I’ll leave the post here though as a reminder to myself not to make outlandish promises — especially when I’m working AND going to school part-time.

I’m now adopting a new philosophy: Blogging without Obligation. Sorry, Chopper.


2 January 2008 at 23:37 1 comment

Door #11: Academic Hilarity

Today one of the research fellows at work regaled my boss and I with the following joke:

[A classicist] goes into a bar.

[At this point, both of us started laughing already since the jokester used the actual name of our resident classics fellow.]

He walks up to the counter and says “Give me a martinus.”

The bartender says, “Don’t you mean a martini?

The classicist bangs his fist on the bar, ” If I wanted a double I would have asked for it, dammit!”

How do you say ba-dum-chuck in Latin?

11 December 2007 at 1:15 1 comment

Door #10: Gone Dinin’

Yes, dear readers, I’ve taken the night off.

The fellowship program I work for at Fancypants University (F.U.) is having its annual holiday dinner. The food and drink are lavish and delicious: salmon mousse, lobster, two different champagnes, port, cheese, chocolate.

Two years ago, I learned that I prefer 1994 Dom Perignon to 1995. Who knows what lessons this year will bring?

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Door #7: Friday Fiddle Tune #5

This was the first fiddle tune I ever wrote. It started out life as “Busshållplatsvalsen” – “The Bus Stop Waltz” — because it popped into my head while I was waiting for the bus.  Later I dedicated it to my friend Betsy in honor of her fiftieth birthday.


7 December 2007 at 22:05 Leave a comment

Friday Fiddle Tune 3

Here’s a hambo tune I dedicated to my friend Carolyn when she had surgery. It’s called “Krya på dig” — “Get Well Soon” in Swedish.


If you’ve never seen hambo, here’s a video clip of the dance:

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Friday Fiddle Tune 2

Here’s another pols tune — this one dedicated to my friend Andrea on her fiftieth birthday.


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Finding My Tribe

Tonight I went to the weekly dinner sponsored by the post-doc fellowship program where I work. These are swanky affairs with sherry and mingling followed by a four-course meal in the program’s private wood-paneled dining room. As a part-time administrator I don’t usually go to these; but one of the fellows, M, an anthropologist had invited some colleagues, one of whom is a friend of a friend of a friend of mine, so I decided I’d attend this week.

When I got there, I introduced myself as one of the program administrators, and M added “And she’s an anthropologist.” I almost contradicted her, but then decided, anthropology is as much a way of being and thinking as it is an occupation, so why can’t I be an anthropologist — even if I’m not yet officially accepted into the program where I’ve been taking courses.

As the evening progressed and I chatted with them, it dawned on me that I really don’t need to be so intimidated. Not only did I understand what they were talking about, I even had things to contribute. The more I hang out with other anthropologists, the more I realize how much I enjoy the field. It all seems new and fascinating and exciting, and even more that that, it feels like I belong.

It’s almost the same feeling I had when I first found out that there were other people (here in the U.S. even) who were as obsessed with Swedish folk music as I was. When I described that feeling for an acquaintance of mine, he smiled and said “You’ve found your tribe!”

12 November 2007 at 23:19 Leave a comment

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