Reason #2450 Why Everything’s Better in Sweden

2 November 2007 at 22:19 4 comments

The Ultimate All-Purpose Lip-Balm

I don’t normally wax quite so enthusiastic about consumer products in such a public forum, but tonight, I just have to rave about this fantastic Swedish lip balm.

It’s called Försvarets Hudsalva, which means The Military’s Skin Cream. The Swedish national drugstore monopoly, Apoteket, manufactures it and, as far as I know, is the only place where you can purchase it.

f_hud.jpgThere are only two sizes available — big and little (more technically 25 ml and 9 ml) — and only one flavor — an inoffensive vanilla. With the exception of BHT (an additive that keeps the balm from going rancid), the formula is reassuringly low-tech: beef tallow, peanut oil, wax, ascorbic and scorbic acids, vanillin and vitamin E. So it’s not vegan, and people with peanut allergies probably shouldn’t use it but, otherwise it’s fairly innocuous stuff.

The packaging is delightfully austere: green plastic tubes with white Helvetica lettering and a white cap. You dispense the lip balm by pushing up from the bottom, like with one of those old-style push-up deodorant sticks. The only downside of the design is the cap, which has a tendency to fall off in my bag so that my pens and wallet and calendar get greasy.

The instructions on the packaging mention using it on your lips, elbows and heels, but a visit to Apoteket’s Web site lists some of the more unorthodox uses:

From the beginning the salve was meant to be used by Swedish soldiers to heal painful blisters. But it can also be put to such diverse uses as waxing skis, oiling bicycle chains, and, of course, you can fry sausage in it.

Really though, the most important thing you need to know is that I woke up with chapped lips yesterday, and today they are soft and smooth.


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  • 1. buddybob  |  3 November 2007 at 10:45

    How does one order this? I looked around the hooterglaven site and couldn’t figure it out.

    I must fry sausage with it!

  • 2. NaBloPoMo Mid-Month Updates « omnivorous  |  21 November 2007 at 11:53

    […] people end up here via a search for Swedish military lip-balm and how to order it. Sadly, I don’t have any advice to offer. I buy two or three tubes every […]

  • […] I did a search on Försvarets hudsalva and allergy, which made me end up on (amongst other pages) a web log which, when continuing reading some of it, lead me further to a YouTube […]

  • 4. VANESA  |  20 October 2015 at 8:57

    Hola! Disculpa que te moleste. He visto su blog. Soy una ciudadana española de Toledo. He visto que en el año 2006 escribió en una página web sobre la crema labial hudsalva. Le cuento mi historia:

    mi hijo de tres años siempre tiene los labios en invierno agrietados. Después de probar todas las cremas del mercado español y de visitar dermatólogos en un blog de una chica española comentaban que el mejor bálsamo labial era hudsalva. Intenté conseguirlo desde España, y lo compré a través de una página web que se llama fruugo. Después de pagar 30 € por la crema me han engañado y no me la han enviado.

    Estoy tan desesperada por conseguir la crema que no sé que hacer. Estoy intentando encontrar a alguien que vaya a Suecia para que me la compre. Hasta que he visto su blog. Seguramente es una idea un poco loca lo que le voy a pedir, pero tengo que intentarlo.

    Si me da un número de cuenta le ingreso lo que vale la crema y el porte y por favor usted me envía una crema a la siguiente dirección:

    Vanesa Aranda García
    Calle San Francisco, numero 5
    45125 PULGAR (TOLEDO)

    Sé que estoy un poco loca pidiéndole esto pero estoy desesparada, porque llega el frío y a mi hijo Victor se le pone la cara fatal

    Si no quiere, no se preocupe, pero entienda que tengo que intentarlo.

    Un cordial saludo


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