Refrigerator Bestiary

3 March 2007 at 6:43 1 comment

felties4.jpgI really have no excuse for not mentioning this sooner, but my sister Mars is brilliant!

Every day during January, she made a refrigerator magnet of a different organism as part of Fun-A-Day, an annual event sponsored by Artclash, a Philadelphia artists’ collective. Participants do a different creative project every day for a month and then exhibit the fruits of their labors at the collective’s gallery space.

To the left, you can see a smaller version of some of my favorites including the paramecium, the okapi and the luna moth (complete with googly eye eyespots).

And here are some links to photos of the rest of the project, which Mars is calling The Felt Ark:

  • Paramecium, cardinal, okapi, luna moth (large version) {click}
  • Man of war fish (behind bouclé tentacles), okapi, magpie {click}
  • Wooly mammoth, hammerhead shark, T. rex, E. coli {click}
  • Giant squid (with a bit of tapeworm above), red-winged blackbird, hickory horned devil (aka royal walnut moth) caterpillar, Komodo dragon {click}
  • Great horned owl, octopus, black-eyed Susan, star-nosed mole {click}
  • Goldfish, polar bear, red-headed woodpecker {click}
  • Fruit bat, fly agaric mushroom, blue-footed booby {click}
  • Stinkhorn fungus, narwhal, slake moth (okay, so this last one’s fictional) {click}
  • House cat, Portuguese man of war {click}
  • The entire Ark {click}

And, as if that weren’t enough, Mars gave all her siblings magnets as Christmas presents. My fridge now sports a great horned owl, an octopus and a giant squid alongside the Roquefort cheese magnet I bought in France and the durian and rambutan magnets from a Vietnamese grocery in New York.


None of the above-linked pictures give you a really good view of the tapeworm magnet, but I found an old picture Mars sent me and uploaded it. You can view it here.


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