Behind Door #4: Missing in Action

4 December 2006 at 11:35 Leave a comment

Whenever I start losing things — especially expensive things — it’s a sure sign that my life is off kilter.

Usually it’s moving or travel that does it. Three times in the past five years, I’ve locked myself out of my apartment within two weeks of moving into it. Every time I go to Sweden, I leave a trail of lost objects behind me. Two years ago, I left my watch, my favorite silver bracelet (a souvenir from a previous Sweden trip), a brand new folk music CD, and my favorite green shirt behind. (I also blew out the rechargeable battery in my U.S. cellphone, but that’s another story.)

Oh, and I almost forgot the worst incident in my history of stress-induced absent-mindedness. Less than a week before I moved to Sweden to go to fiddle school, I left my fiddle on a New Jersey transit train in Trenton. Fortunately, one of the conductors found it for me. He said I had left it sitting on one of the seats near the end of the car — no doubt I had put it down for a second while I was waiting to get off the train.

Now, in the past two days, I’ve had two scares. Yesterday, I thought I lost my cellphone. I had visions of leaving it on the bus or being pickpocketed by someone who would run up my minutes making calls to Turkmenistan. Fortunately, I left it on the counter at a CVS in Copley Square where I had stoped to by provisions for the long trip to Maine for a Norwegian folk fiddling gig I had yesterday.

Today, I “lost” my subway pass. Even now, I’m not entirely sure I remember where it was. The coat or pants pocket I had searched at least twice? My ID wallet or coin purse? One of the many nooks and crannies in my tote bag. I did finally find it, but not before berating myself for losing a $70+ pass only four days into the new month.

I need to figure out what’s throwing me off before I lose something really important.


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